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About Bubblestreet

Bubble Street n. 1. the path bubbles on the surface of the water take down a rapid, particularly relevant at the top of a rapid. 2. The comic strip.

Bubble Street is a syndicated web site cartoon. You can view a new comic strip every two weeks, on any of the subscribing websites by clicking on the "new comic strip" link. The crazy antics of the Bubble Street characters are available printed on a variety of products, check out the "store" to see all the cool stuff that you and your friends need.

I'm not sure where the comic strip ideas come from, but I always seem to be most prolific right after my latest paddling trip. Many of the people that I've met on the river are probably thinking "mmm, that situation seems familiar...hey is that me in the cartoon?" I think paddlers are trying to avoid providing inspirational moments when I'm around, maybe that's why I'm always at the back of the group on the river.

He is the paddler that has done it all, although not always terribly well, which would account for the proliferation of duct tape on his gear. Clyde paddles kayak, tripping canoes, OC-1 playboats and rafts. He thinks his gear is just fine as is, consequently he is several years behind any trends

His full name is Soggy Socks. He is a kid and therefore the world exists for his benefit. He is Clyde's son and is not yet old enough to be embarrassed by that.


A fish who isn't afraid to offer his own insight on the situation.

A freestyle boater who wants to do it all, Now! Although he is really a nice guy his narrow viewpoint of life has led him to believe that: kayaking rules, all other forms of non-kayaking paddlers are fish food and addresses are so that you can find a buddys house to crash in after paddling.

She is the quiet competent paddler. Talk soft, boat big. Not afraid to actually choose a different craft to suit the paddling destination. I'm not sure why she paddles with the rest of the Bubble Street crew.