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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see the latest Bubble Street comic strip?

A. Click on "New Comic Strip" link. Choose which subscribers site to view the cartoon on.

Q. Is Bubble Street only canoeing and kayaking cartoons?

A. Bubble Street will target rafting and other paddle sports, so watch out! You might be the inspiration for the next strip.

Q. Are all the Bubble Street comics in the Archives?

A. Not all, but many of the comic strips that have run in the past will be there as well as some "creator's comments".

Q. Will wearing a cartoon shirt improve my paddling?

cartoons will help create a positive aura around you filled with happy thoughts.

A. Of course, we all paddle better when we have a positive frame of mind.

Q. Will you draw my great idea for a cartoon and will I get royalties?

A. No and no. Asking for a specific cartoon is called commissioning a cartoon, for which you will need to contact me so I can supply a quote. But certainly do e-mail me a topic that you'd like to see a cartoon about. If it fits within the parameters of Bubble Street it might spark some new ideas.

Q. I'd rather not use paypal. Can I send you a cheque?

A. Yes, I will accept cheques for orders under $45. (email me with the specifics of your request). Your order will be processed once I receive the cheque, so you'll need to allow extra time if the item is required by a specific date.

Q. Do I really have to pay so much in shipping costs? They seem to really add up for my mutiple item order.

A. If you have a question about how postage is adding up on your order, e-mail me directly. For orders that are not being created at cafepress, I may be able to get you an exact shipping quote.

Q. What happens if the product is damaged when it arrives?

A. In the unlikely event that a product is damaged during shipping, e-mail me directly.

Q. What if the merchandise isn't what I expected, can I get a refund?

A. No, each item ordered is created specifically for you, so it would be really good if you were sure you wanted the item before placing an order.