Swimmer's ear, nasal douche, you've earned the right to call yourself a paddler. Say it loud with a Bubble Street cartoon sticker! Lazer printed in full colour onto durable vinyl. These stickers will last years on your car window or boat. Approx. 8.5" wide $14.95 CDN ea. or bumper stickers for $6.50 CDN.

Ottawa River Whitewater Poster

This 29" by 20" (74cm by 51cm) full colour poster is packed with information about "The Ottawa". All the rapids and playspots are illustrated as well as what the best levels are. I challenge you to find all the fish! $14.95 CDN. includes a $5 shipping premium. 


Killer designs on 100% cotton T-shirts. Image is printed using durable direct printing technology. Cartoon is big and bold on the front. Made in the USA. Cost approx. $21 CDN ($18.99 USD)

Christmas Ornaments

These incredibly detailed ornaments feature my characters in hilarious situations. Cast in a durable plastic and hand painted. Prices range from $17.20 to $18.90 CDN.

Show your boss you care... about paddling, kayaking, canoeing and generally avoiding work, with these desktops. Choose an image and download the size closest to your monitor resolution.


Commemorative Cartoons

These ink and digital colour cartoons are ready for printing on either paper or canvas before framing. It is up to you to choose the price range and artistic look that meets your budget and taste.

Canoeing DVD

"This is Canoeing" a 3 hour compilation of 12 canoeing stories and profiles featuring Andrew Westwood, Mark Scriver, myself and a bunch of famous paddlers known for stuff other than paddling whitewater creeks. $31 ea.

Really cool!

A massage device ideal for paddlers,

I never travel without it... and

coincidentally, I now sell them.

"This is Fantastic!"

Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing DVD by Becky Mason and Reid McLachlan

Sure she's my sister… but family are always the harshest critics and I stand by what I said.

Paul Mason