Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see the latest Bubble Street comic strip?

A. On websites everywhere or have it emailed direct to you.

Q. Is Bubble Street only canoeing and kayaking cartoons?

A. Bubble Street will target rafting and other paddle sports, so watch out! You might be the inspiration for the next strip.

Q. Will wearing a cartoon shirt improve my paddling?

A. Of course, we all paddle better when we have a positive frame of mind.

Q. Will you draw my great idea for a cartoon and will I get royalties?

A. No and no. Asking for a specific cartoon is called commissioning a cartoon, for which you will need to contact me so I can supply a quote. But certainly do email me a topic that you'd like to see a cartoon about. If it fits within the parameters of Bubble Street it might spark some new ideas.

  1. Q.I'd rather not use paypal.

A. Email me with your request.

Q. What happens if the product is damaged when it arrives?

A. In the unlikely event that a product is damaged during shipping, e-mail me directly.