Camp table

Great for food preparation, cleaning fish and car camping. Kitchen with dishrack and storage bag/garbage bag holder. Available options include a nylon mesh spice storage bag which hangs from the upper shelf and an additional storage apron for the end of the kitchen counter (both not shown)

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The Mason Kitchen is designed to take the backache out of camping. If it rains on your trip, attach it to your centre tarp pole, instant indoor kitchen!

It folds into a compact bundle which is stored in a nylon bag (included). The optional storage pouches are universal so can be attached to either side to accommodate left or right handed cooks. The work surface is a durable, washable vinyl. The upper shelf is made of lightweight, tough, vinyl and nylon pack cloth. Durable collapsable poles keep the counter top rigid. Use a cutting board and hot pot pads to preserve the countertop. The main countertop is approximately 36 inches by 19 inches. The upper shelf is 19 inches by 11 inches. The unit folds down to about 19 inches by 12 inches by 5 inches and weighs under 6 lbs. $195 CDN

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Mason Kitchen

Temporarily out of stock.New model available Oct. 1 2010